Senior Spotlight - Emma Heck

Emma Heck is the daughter of Jenny and Jeff Collins of Anthon and the late Kyle Heck. She has a twin sister, Anna; an older sister, Jaden; and two younger siblings, Kael and Kaia. She also has an old dog, Jake, who is 13 years old and still going. You’ll find Emma driving around in her white Chevy Trailblazer getting to all her clubs and extracurricular events in the early mornings. 

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Hallowell because she likes history and spending time with her during Quiz Bowl. Her favorite high school memory is answering her first-ever question at a Quiz Bowl competition.

Emma’s favorite quote is, “The old rules are crumbling and no one knows what the new rules are, so make up your own rules.” Her advice to younger high school students is that you should not procrastinate because it’ll come back to bite you.

Emma plans on attending Iowa State University and obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science. The best of luck to you, Emma!