March Heap of the Month

Senior Konner Hoefling is the March Heap of the Month. You can’t miss his gray 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 short box in the parking lot because it has a big Dodge sticker in the front and a bright orange toolbox in the back. The old boy has 194,000 miles on it. Konner has had the truck for almost four years, as he got this pickup two days before he entered freshman year. He said that the day that he got the truck, he was very proud of it.

When asked how Konner feels about his truck now, he said, “It’s alright,” and that the truck isn’t really the love of his life anymore. Instead, he is looking forward to selling it in the future so that he can get a black 2022 Dodge Cummins Limited Edition. Once he gets his dream pickup, he will be sending the poor Dodge off to the junkyard. 

Konner doesn’t really have a favorite memory with the truck. He really just loves to remember all of the times he drove around with his friends in it. One thing Konner mentioned was that if you look at the driver's side box, you will see a small dent caused by his best friend, Joe Hopkins. Joe accidentally slammed into it with his pickup when the parking lot was covered with snow and ice. We are honored to have Konner as our March Heap of the Month!