Diabetes Awareness Month

What is so significant about this month for Type One Diabetics? Why do you take a day to dress up in blue? Because November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetics, family members affected by diabetes, and people from all over the world take this as an opportunity to spread awareness and advocate for those living with the autoimmune disease. 

An autoimmune disease is a condition that states the body’s immune system mistakes its own healthy tissues as foreign and a danger to your body and attacks them. There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases, with type one diabetes being one of the most common of those 80. Those living with T1D will, more than likely, have it for the rest of their lives. 

Diabetes not only affects those diagnosed with it but it also affects those around them. Every single day is different. Living with this disease is like riding a rollercoaster every single day of your life. Between the constant blood checks, insulin shots, ER visits, site changes, correcting the highs and lows, sleepless nights, and making sure you are taking care of yourself before anything else can get very exhausting. Not a single day is ever the same as the last, and that is definitely the most exhausting part. 

Here, in the MVAOCOU School District, there are seven type one diabetics who face the challenges of growing up and living a “normal” life with the disease. However, they do live a “normal” life, it’s just their own version of it. Each diabetic has a different daily lifestyle than the other. People have a hard time understanding that and realizing what each person goes through with this diagnosis just to live a long, healthy life. 

As of now, there is no cure for type one diabetes. That is why November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. People have the opportunity to spread awareness by wearing blue, advocating for those living with T1D, sharing information, and working to find a cure. That is the main goal for everyone impacted by this life-changing disease: find a cure.