Kailey Hicks - Senior Spotlight

Kailey is the daughter of Romain and Pam Hicks, and is the youngest out of her nine siblings. She has two dogs, two guinea pigs, and one cat. She says that her favorite pets are her dog Scooby and her two guinea pigs, Bubbles and Blossom. Kailey has always attended MVAO since she was in preschool. She drives a maroon 2001 Grand Cherokee to school everyday. When asked who her favorite teacher is, Kailey responded with Mr. Smeltzer and Miss Petersen. She says that they are both always there for her when she needs someone to talk to. Kailey says that she doesn’t have a favorite memory because all of high school was fun for her, especially going to football games and always hanging out with friends. When looking to the future, Kailey is currently indecisive when it comes to what she wants to do after she graduates. She has applied to WIT and says that she is thinking about becoming a social worker. Kailey’s advice for underclassmen is, “Do your work and make sure it’s not late!” Good luck in all that you do, Kailey!