Konner Hoefling - Senior Spotlight

Konner Hoefling is the son of Evan Hoefling and Joni Perkins. Konner has two older sisters, Kassity and Kayla, and also has two pet cats. He has attended Anthon Elementary, AOMV Middle School, and now MVAOCOU High School. When asked who his favorite teacher is, Konner said Mr. Wimmer because “he is laid back, chill, and he is the ag teacher.” Konner drives a 2005 Dodge pickup to school every day. After graduating from high school, Konner plans to farm. He said that his favorite high school memory was probably always having to skip school and pull his late best friend, Joseph Hopkins, out from snowbanks and ditches all of the time. When asked what he wants to be remembered for after high school, Konner said he wants to be remembered for doing what he wanted, when he wanted to do it. Good luck farming after high school Konner!