James Weaver - Senior Spotlight

James’ parents are Terrance and Kelly Weaver. He has two brothers, Brett and Jared. Along with that, he has two dogs named Lennon and Ozzy. James has attended MVAOCOU all his schooling years and plans to go to college for physical training. His favorite teacher is Mr. Smeltzer because he loves choir and James thinks he is a fun teacher. You might see James rolling into the school parking lot in a 2007 black Chevy Impala.

James’ favorite high school memory is during track season, at a meet his brother Jared was running the hurdles event, and he ended up falling over the hurdles. James’ favorite quote is, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” That is his favorite quote because during track season he would repeat that to himself, helping him battle through all the challenges he faced.

James wants to be remembered after high school by being the best person he could be and being talented in track. His advice for younger high school students is to always be on time for their classes, get all of their homework done, and always work hard. Good luck on your journey, James!