Elaine Hoskins - Senior Spotlight

Elaine Hoskins, daughter of Vera and Adam Hoskins, is a senior at MVAOCOU this year. Elaine has one older sister, four younger sisters, and one younger brother. She is kept busy at home with her many pets. Elaine’s family has two horses, two dogs, seven cats, six ducks, two guinea pigs, one hedgehog, and seventeen chickens. She drives a 15-passenger van.

Elaine has attended many different schools including MVAOCOU, Millard West, homeschool, Hart-Ransom Charter School, Orchard Elementary, and Las Palmas Elementary. While at MVAOCOU, Elaine says her favorite high school memory is “doing math class outside and finishing early so I can take a nap in the grass listening to the outdoor chatter of wind, birds, and insects.” After high school, Elaine wants to be remembered as a straight-A student and a constant smiler. 

When asked who her favorite teacher is, Elaine said, “Miss Petersen because I was in her room the most, and I loved how helpful she was in some problems I had in my life.” Elaine’s favorite quote is: “It’s all part of the adventure.” She says that this quote has become their family motto. Elaine’s advice to underclassmen is that “high school might seem fun, but if you don’t do the work, it most definitely will not be. So work in your classes, try to get good grades, and appreciate the teachers who want to help you.”

After graduating high school, Elaine is planning on going on an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. When she gets home, she will attend BYU Provo and major in accounting and choreography. Good luck in all you do, Elaine!