Ashlyn Blake - Senior Spotlight

The daughter of Chris and Shari Blake, Ashlyn Blake is a senior at MVAOCOU where she has gone all of her school years. Ashlyn has 1 brother, Dylan, who also graduated from MVAOCOU and is now in college at USD. Ashlyn has 2 dogs named Beau and Sydnee. She drives a black Equinox named Ellie. When asked what her favorite memory was in highschool so far she answered with, “The locker room before games.” Ashlyn’s favorite teacher would have to be Miss Petersen, “I have known her my whole life and she is always there for me,” she says.  The advice Ashlyn gives to underclassmen is to get involved with the most things you can! Her favorite quote is, “You get out of what you put into it.” After she graduates, Ashlyn is planning to attend a 4 year university and get a degree in physical therapy.  Good luck Ashlyn!