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  • 1st Graders share journal entries!
  • 1st Graders share journal entries!
  • Mentor teacher working with the new TK teacher.
  • This group won the 3rd grade STEM challenge. They had to transfer the marbles from one cup to the other without touching the marbles or the cups. They could use string and rubber bands.
  • 5th grade
  • 4 year old preschool
  • 3 year old preschool
  • Kindergarten participating in Hero vs. Villain Day
  • The kindergartners think it's silly to wear pajamas to school!
  • 5th grade is studying the position of the sun and how shadows change during the day because the position of the sun changes in the sky. The result of Earth's rotating on its own axis in association with the stationary sun also helps us discover direction. (N,S,E,and W)
  • 5th Grade participating in Twin Day during Homecoming
  • Kindergarten participating in Class Color Day during Homecoming
  • Elementary students & staff enjoying the High School Band performing the School Song during Homecoming.
  • Kindergarten showing School Spirit during Homecoming
  • 5th Grade showing their Ram Pride during Homecoming
  • 3rd/4th Multi-age playing Place Value Number War
  • 3rd/4th Multi-age investigating properties of seeds
  • 5th graders showing off their mindset posters
  • 5th graders working at daily 4 rotations: reading,writing or doing wordwork when not working with the teacher
  • First graders plant their own "lawns"
  • Elementary students at the public library with the Iowa Bee Queen
  • 3rd grade students at the public library with the Iowa Bee Queen
  • Elementary students at the public library with the Iowa Bee Queen
  • 1st/2nd graders getting creative with shape patterns!
  • Team building activities with 1st graders and 4th graders
  • 4th Grade enjoying the Iowa Bee Queen at the public library
  • 5th grade showing their names written with Egyptian symbols at the public library.
  • Nursing students Deb and Shelby Jensen taught effective hand washing procedure to the 1st & 2nd Multiage class recently. The students were excited to see all the germs on their hands prior to washing with the use of a purple laser light.
  • TK checking out our "adopted" apple tree.
  • First graders listening to stories on the ipads. ‚Äč
  • 3/4 Multiage students read about Columbus from different sources
  • Monona County Conservationist visits the 3rd grade classroom
  • 4th grade students working with their reading buddies from 1st grade
  • 4th grade students working with their reading buddies from 1st grade

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The board of education, staff, and volunteers of the Maple Valley-Anthon Oto Community School shall be responsible for developing the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and creative skills which will enable students to become productive, caring citizens in an ever changing world.


Remember to sign up for the activity shuttle bus each day BY NOON when you need to ride it. The handbook states that there is a $5.00 fee for not complying with this rule that WILL be enforced.

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